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Yarn scarf and silk scarf which scarf is more sunscreen

Oct 11, 2019

The yarn scarf has a good sun protection effect. Scarves and scarves are not the same, styles and fabrics are also very different. Most of the shawls are made of pure cotton and polyester cotton. The characteristics are that the latitude and longitude lines are sparse and meshed, and the density of the fabric is relatively small. The silk scarves are mainly silk and cotton and linen materials, and the fabric density is relatively large.

Under normal circumstances, yarn scarves and scarves can play a decorative role, mainly worn by women, can be used for fashion wear, decoration, and warm protection, but there are some differences between silk scarves and scarves.

In the beginning, the silk scarves only played a role in resisting the cold. In the later development of the garments, due to the ever-changing materials, they gradually developed into decorative accessories, and the styles and colors became more and more.

The characteristics of the yarn scarf are good breathability, soft skin-friendly, and good warmth effect. It not only has the effect of windproof and sunscreen but also pay more attention to the match.

There are many uses for yarn scarves, and there are many local customs and habits. The shawl can be attached not only to the neck but also to the head. As a headscarf, some countries have specific customs and habits. Women need to wear a veil to express the meaning of purity. There are also some ethnic minorities. , indicating a friendly, auspicious meaning.