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Wrap the scarf well, don't look for new clothes.

Mar 19, 2019

Winter is the season of big scarves:

Go out and surround it, the neck is warm and warm!

Winter clothes are matched with it, and the level is even higher;

Gifts choose it, decent and not afraid of mistakes.


If you pay more attention to the big scarf,

Such as color matching, system, makeup and snacks,

Even if you don’t buy new clothes,

It can also be a new look for the New Year.


Because the solid color is wrapped in soft texture,

Will naturally present complex lines,

If there are more curves in the whole body,

It will look very messy and can't get out of shape.

Therefore, it is best to combine it with a blazer.

Color selection color or solid color with dot grayscale.


If you want to have a grain, you can use a simple check.

Visually maintaining a straightforward sense of simplicity;

Or a very thin and thin herringbone pattern, houndstooth,

It does not affect the contours of the whole body.


Scarves can increase the visual focus,

But it's also easy to cut out a piece of color,

For petite girls, it will be a bit HOLD.

Then choose the same color as the scarf.

For example, the inner color and jacket of the same color as the scarf.

Keep your upper body in a color patch.


But you can use a scarf and a sweater dress inside.

Or the scarf and coat, the same color,

In these two ways, the color block can be stretched as much as possible.

It is also possible to vertically divide the body area,

It is a very tall and thin winter wear trick.