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Wool scarves can be recovered after washing

Jun 16, 2020

Tip 1: Steam with a steamer

This method sounds a little scary, but it is actually very simple. MMs just need to find a quick and clean white cloth, wrap your wool scarf and wrap it, put it in a clean steamer and steam it for ten minutes. After taking it out, shake it again Shake, pull it to its original state, and let it dry naturally.

Tip 2: Soak in white vinegar

Add some edible white vinegar to the clear water, soak it in the wool scarf for ten minutes, and then wash it with clean water for many times. The scarf will not leave the smell of vinegar, but it will be much softer.

Tip 3: Boil it in boiling water

Boiling in boiling water is also an effective method. Immerse the scarf completely in water and add a little soapy water or lye at the same time. So cook it for ten minutes and then wash and dry the scarf. You will find that your scarf is back to its original appearance!