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women's winter scarves

Dec 25, 2018

1. First, simply wrap the scarf around your neck.

2. Put the scarf on the top out of the hole in the middle.

3. Continue to wear this scarf from the middle hole. The difference is that the interspersed scarf will overlap.

1. First, wrap the scarf around your neck.

2, then tie down the two paragraphs of the scarf, this is a relatively simple method.

1. Knock the scarf on the neck for a while, leaving a length that varies in length.

2. Then take the long section from the back of your neck.

3. Then wear it through the roll formed by the scarf.

1. Wrap the scarf around your neck and wrap a circle around the upper section.

2. After you continue to circle, look for the gap formed by the scarf.

3. Pull the scarf out of the gap.

How to clean the cashmere scarf

First of all, the water temperature should be controlled at 30-40 ° C, this temperature can ensure that the fiber is not damaged, just like cleaning the skin, because cashmere is very delicate.

Secondly, choose neutral or weakly acidic lotion. If there is no special cashmere lotion, shampoo can be used instead, because hair and cashmere are composed of protein.

Third, rinse the lotion thoroughly without any residue. Although the lotion is very mild, it is also slightly corrosive.

Fourth, clean the cashmere scarf, first wrapped in a towel, and drain the water. It can also be wrapped in a towel and dried in a washing machine.

Finally, the cashmere scarf is tiled on the drying net, because the exposure will also destroy the protein of the fiber.

What material is comfortable with a scarf

The scarf is the darling of the autumn and winter season. What kind of material is good for the scarf, the material of the scarf is many, and there are materials such as wool, cotton, silk, silk, acrylic, polyester, blended, suede, artificial wool, artificial cotton, and animal tail.


The knitted scarf gives a very delicate feeling, reminiscent of a romantic Korean drama. With the unique texture of the scarf, it is more suitable for matching clothes such as tweed. The whole body dress is surrounded by delicate knit wind, giving a very comfortable and warm feeling.


Silk is a popular material that lasts for a long time. This kind of material will highlight the skin's gloss, and it is easy to bring out the elegant and intellectual taste. Therefore, when choosing a silky scarf, consider the skin color of the skin, the girl with yellowish skin, or Girls with dry skin should not choose the material that is mainly based on texture.

Cotton and linen

The cotton and linen texture of the scarf reveals a strong affinity, and the texture is more comfortable to stay close to the skin, and the matching aspect is also a more versatile type, because the material is plain and unpretentious, and it is very suitable for clothing. This is also the material of the scarf praise selected personal versatile material scarf.


Fur scarves are usually fixed with leather jackets. Different girls have different tastes around the fur scarves. The beauty of the walking route suggests choosing a simple color, highlighting the cute and fresh, and the girls who want to highlight their personal style should choose nature. The fur, the uneven mottled color is preferred. The material of the scarf is all-encompassing, and it is most important to choose the material that suits you.

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