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Why do silk scarves say a few mm, is the mm the bigger the better?

Jan 25, 2019

Mmi (mm) represents the weight of the wire per unit area. In general, the larger the mm, the more expensive the fabric. 16 mm means 68.8896 g/sqm and the coefficient is 4.3056. Mm is large, the texture is thick and the fabric is thick. In addition, the structure and post-processing of the silk fabric will also affect the texture. The silk yarn produces different silk fabrics through different weaving processes, such as squares made of twill silk, texture. It is oblique, generally mm between 16 and 24, and the plain satin front has a good gloss and shines. In addition, after the silk fabric comes out, it needs to be treated afterwards, such as bleaching, sand washing, dyeing, printing, etc., which will affect the feel and texture. Therefore, in determining the quality of a square towel, in addition to mm, from the silk surface, the color of the printing and dyeing, the pattern of the flower should be considered.

floral silk scarf for women

Supplement: The larger the MM value, the heavier the weight of the silk fabric and the thicker the fabric. But the thicker the silk scarf, the better. Generally, 10MM-14MM is the first choice for digital printed silk scarves. The printing of the heavy-duty fabric digital inkjet printing is not transparent. It can only be printed on the Taiwanese version, that is, the watermark. Some of the already-patterned patterns are not good. Therefore, only the right weight, the appropriate structure (satin is brighter, the twill is more solid), plus the unique design, first-class hand, can make the best silk scarf.