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Why do scarves choose cashmere? Does cashmere scarf work well?

May 09, 2019

Under the microscope, the cashmere scales are more tightly closed than the wool, the fiber surface is smoother, and the skin feels softer than the wool.

The sub-selection of Inner Mongolian cashmere has a fiber thickness of only 14 to 19 microns, which is finer and softer than wool. So it feels very soft, and it is surrounded by a cloud around the neck.

Don't tie your neck at all! Soft and warm to let people sink their faces, super cure.

Secondly, the warmth of cashmere fabrics is particularly good.

The fiber of cashmere is hollow, which can store heat and air, and the material is solid, and it can withstand the cold wind in winter.

It's twice as warm as wool, and it's a cashmere scarf in winter, warmer than wearing two regular sweaters.

Finally, the cashmere scarf is very durable. As long as you are properly cared for, cashmere can spend a lot of winter with you.

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