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Why do flight attendants wear silk scarves?

Jan 25, 2019

After the Second Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, China’s civil aviation was removed from the jurisdiction of the troops (this is very important!). And the fashions of the 1980s paid attention to the changes in the details. At that time, the stewardess uniform design incorporates the characteristics of this era, and the stewardess uniform with red silk scarves gives people a new look, adding to people's bold imagination, vivid and beautiful. Let people's visual senses be completely released from the grass-green, blue-gray single-color system in the 1960s and 1970s, which was fashionable at the time. (This is like a flight attendant!) On July 1, 1988, the flight attendants of international airlines put on a new dress designed by the famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, called the "Sapphire Blue" uniform. The flight attendant uniform is collarless. The top is matched with a skirt and trousers, the shirt has a striped pattern on the neck, a small scarf on the neck, a small round hat on the head, and the uniform color of the uniform is the same as that of the flight attendant. The style is roughly the same, so a series of combinations can be said. At that time, it was thought that it was a sensation. This kind of "national, contemporary, professional" flight attendant uniform is the first set of real flight attendant uniforms in the history of New China's civil aviation. It is also a design paradigm in flight uniforms. Design has an indispensable impact. (That is why most of our flight attendants are silk scarves with vest styles.) Moreover, the color scheme of the flight attendant uniforms reflects the principle that whether it is bright or pure color or low-purity dark color, the focus is on harmony and unity. It is also one of the common principles of the design of flight attendants' uniforms at home and abroad. In the design of the flight attendant costumes, the contrast and echo of the colors are generally reflected, and the accessories or partial colors are used to echo and coordinate the whole, avoiding the sense of depression. Figure:

flight attendant silk scarf

The color of the silk scarf is bright, which brings the spirit of the whole person up. This is especially important for the service industry.


The same flight attendant, the right side is more capable, and the left side shows a warm side. Especially for the needs of national design, some printed patterns on silk scarves and traditional Chinese embroidery are easier to combine. For example, Hainan Airlines. Different airlines can also significantly distinguish the difference by the color of the scarf. For example, Air China is bright, Korean Air is pink, and all Japan Airlines is purple. Another effect seen from a movie: the silk scarf can sometimes be bandaged (although it becomes a token of love), the role of the bandage.