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Why do flight attendants have a silk scarf around the neck all year round?

Feb 25, 2019

The stewardess is an elegant and dignified image in the eyes of most people. It has a high value, a good figure, and a uniform. It is very temperament, but many partners should have found a colorful silk on the neck of the flight attendant all year round.


What is the role of this scarf? As everyone knows, stewardess clothes are not leading. If you don’t wear a silk scarf, your neck will look bare, so wear a silk scarf,tot only can it play a role in preventing light, but it can also be worn as a whole, it looks more harmonious, and it is the role of adjusting color. Because the work of flight attendants is to follow the flight for a long time,


And long-term work in the small space of high altitude, the flight attendant is easy to feel depressed, long-term emotional accumulation. Psychologically, it is very likely that there will be diseases, so a colorful ribbon will be able to adjust the seriousness of the full set of uniforms.


At the same time, the passengers will feel the boring and boring flight visually with a vivid atmosphere. Not only these, the passengers encounter the dangerous flight attendants can also use the silk scarves as a bandage to wrap the wounds and stop the bleeding in time. In fact, the airline is a flight attendant. The uniforms of the design are not so complicated. The beautiful temperament stewardess is wearing a nice silk scarf, which will make the passengers feel better and at the same time increase the goodwill of the airline.