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Why do female Muslims wear hijab

Apr 28, 2020

Arab women should be wrapped in a headscarf, and the whole body should be wrapped in clothes, without showing a trace of skin. This is a unique custom of the Arab nation, which also indirectly illustrates the authority of women. The religious custom of Islamic women wearing headscarves is not the same as Arabs. So why do female Muslims wear hijabs?

Islamic culture

Muslim women's veil does not discriminate against women. The "veil" or Islamic dress was cited by Westerners as the "best evidence" of Islamic law oppressing women. Each ethnic group has its own dressing habits. We may wish to analyze slowly from the following text.

A simple reason for the existence of the veil is that the Arabs live and desert. The veil is used to block sand and sand, and Islam first flourished in Arabia, so the reason. Another reason is that the veil can protect women from unnecessary harassment. "Veil" does not reduce women's personality, but on the contrary, it enhances women's status and protects their chastity.

Before Islam spread to Arabia, Arabs despised women and buried baby girls alive. It was the revival of Islam that changed the situation of women, granted them equal rights with men, and expected them to maintain their status. The Quran explains the importance of "veil" to women in the scriptures, because people will regard women who use a "veil" to cover their humiliation as chaste and decent, and it will also protect them from harassment.

To give a simple example: suppose two twin sisters are as beautiful as they are while walking on the street. One of them is dressed in Islamic "veil", that is, his whole body is covered except for his face and hands, while the other One is wearing Western clothing, such as a mini skirt or mini skirt. At this time, there was a rogue or villain looking for opportunities to molest the woman in the nearby corner, so which of the two sisters would be subjected to his acting and harassment? Do you wear Islamic clothes? Or the one wearing a miniskirt or miniskirt? Naturally, he will tease girls wearing miniskirts or miniskirts! Because such Western costumes are directly inviting the opposite sex to seduce and harass. Therefore, Guran correctly pointed out that "veil" can prevent harassment.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that wearing a veil does not discriminate against women, but protects their dignity.