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Why are thin cashmere scarves expensive?

Jun 20, 2020

In terms of warmth, the cashmere scarf is very light and thin, and it can even make a scarf of about tens of grams, but its warmth is beyond your imagination.

The thicker our impression is, the warmer it must be, but this is not the case at all. It depends on the fiber and density of cashmere. Compared with the traditional thick wool, the thin cashmere fabric can completely wrap every neck gap, super warm. Very thick cotton or impure wool scarves, although very thick, but the harder the belt, the colder in winter. The real cashmere changes with body temperature. Having such a cashmere scarf is enough for winter.

Take Burberry's cashmere scarf as an example. This common thick model is called the Classic series and is a more classic entry-level model.

The ultra-thin pure cashmere scarf series is called Lightweight, the price is higher, the area is larger than the thick one, but it feels lighter around the body, and it does not even look like cashmere. If you want to achieve this thin and light cashmere effect, it is not necessary to use less cashmere. In fact, it is necessary to use ultra-fine cashmere fibers to increase the count.

In fact, the Lightweight series uses the same amount of cashmere, but it is much thinner than the Classic series of yarns. In the end, it can achieve the effect of being lighter but more delicate and still warm, and more breathable.

The craftsmanship makes the thin cashmere scarf more popular in wearing comfort.