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Which is better, Modal or cotton?

Apr 23, 2020

The advantages of modal fabric:

1. Modal fiber is a natural fiber, so it can be naturally degraded without causing pollution to the environment.

2. Modal fabric is soft, the fabric is beautiful and smooth, the drape is strong, it is a natural mercerized fabric

3. Modal's strength and toughness are excellent, which is conducive to the production and processing of the factory.

4. Strong hygroscopicity, 50% higher than cotton fiber, so many intimate fabrics will choose the modal fabric, which is beneficial to human health.

 Pure cotton has a cotton content of more than 75%. It has good air permeability but is easy to deform. It feels soft but not smooth. Modal has a smooth feeling. The gloss, hygroscopicity, and dyeability are better than pure cotton. But the softness and warmth are definitely not as good as pure cotton. As for which modal is better with pure cotton, it depends to a great extent on what kind of clothing is used for production. If it is underwear, modal is preferred, because, for underwear, the properties of the modal fabric are more suitable for the human body. Pure cotton fabric. Both fabrics are harmless to the human body, and each has advantages and disadvantages, so we must choose fabrics according to the type of product to maximize the advantages of the fabric because we do n’t have to argue too much about whether Modal fabric is better than cotton this problem.