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What you have to know about cashmere scarves

Mar 31, 2020

Cashmere scarves have always been the best-selling scarf products on the market in autumn and winter. Today Xiaobian brings you some little knowledge about cashmere scarves. First of all, cashmere scarves can be divided into two categories: pure cashmere and cashmere: the standard for cashmere content of pure cashmere products is more than 95%, the standard for cashmere products is more than 30%, and those with cashmere content below 30% cannot Call cashmere products. All cashmere is cashmere, so-called "sheep cashmere" does not exist. Therefore, when choosing a cashmere scarf, you must discern it carefully.

Cashmere scarf feels: Real cashmere is relatively soft, while fake cashmere faked by fiber silk is mostly rough. Cashmere scarf color: real cashmere is divided into white cashmere and purple cashmere, white cashmere is earthy white, each shade varies in color, while most or all of the forged fibrous filaments are one-color, rabbit fur forged is bright white; Purple cashmere is black, gray, cyan, white and other colors.

Cashmere scarves are visually recognizable: real cashmere is particularly thin and varies in length, while the forged yarns made of fiber silk are thicker and the same length, most of which are about 2 inches in length. The former is delicate and light after weaving into a fabric, and the latter is hard and heavy.

Recognition of broken silk in cashmere scarf: Real cashmere picks out the wool, pinches both ends of the wool with both hands, and breaks with a little force, but the forged fiber is not necessarily broken, which is relatively strong.

Fire identification: Real cashmere is ash after being burned, but the fibrous silk is fake.