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What materials are there in the scarf?

Aug 14, 2019

A scarf that combines decoration, functionality and applicability is an indispensable part of the autumn and winter season. What materials are there in the scarf? Let's take a look at the scarf material classification. The material of the scarf is various, including cotton, hemp, silk, chiffon, polyester, acrylic, wool, cashmere, plant fiber, animal fiber and chemical fiber. In general there are four major categories, blended, synthetic chemical fibers, animal fibers and plant fibers. Cotton and linen scarves are very popular fabric scarves. They don't pick clothes. They are easy to match. People who are new to the society can have a cotton and linen scarf. Cotton and linen scarves are the first choice for versatile. The fur scarf is relatively expensive and it is more luxurious. It is suitable for parents and elders or important customers and friends. It is absolutely good and comfortable to wear. Fur scarves are generally wool, and good quality wool scarves will feel extra soft, comfortable and warm. The stansborough ring scarf has a natural metallic luster and is loved by many people. Knitted scarves have a unique texture. They all say that knitted scarves give people a comfortable and natural feeling, delicate and warm. Silk scarves are the first choice for intellectual women. Silk scarves can set off the color of the skin. Fashion and classics coexist.


Different kinds of scarves, different styles, choose the right one for you is the best, different materials of the scarf can show different styles, there is always a suitable for you!