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What kind of scarf material is good

Feb 25, 2020

Scarves were only used to protect against the cold a long time ago. Later, as the material of this cloth continued to change, it became a popular accessory for women today. There are many types and materials of scarves, so how do we choose scarves? What kind of scarf material is good? Below I will give you a comprehensive comparison of several common scarves, and share how to choose different scarves and scarves with different face shapes to help you choose your favorite scarves.

Silk scarves are shiny and have natural wrinkles. They look very beautiful and have a sense of drape. They are suitable for formal wear. And because it is made of natural materials, it does not cause static electricity and has good thermal insulation.

The advantages of silk: real silk is composed of protein fibers, has good biocompatibility with the human body, smooth surface, low frictional stimulation to the human body, comfortable to wear; tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet rays, so silk Has better UV resistance.

Hemp silk scarves are the most popular in the summer season. Not only do they feel refreshed after wearing them, they also look quite refreshing. They are very suitable for matching with summer clothes, and for female friends who have been in air-conditioned environments for a long time, hemp silk scarves Towels are essential.

Hemp advantages: It has good moisture absorption, moisture diffusing and breathable functions, has a unique cool feeling, does not sweat close to the body; bright color, has a good natural luster, is not easy to fade, shrink; heat conductivity, moisture absorption is greater than cotton products , Not sensitive to acid-base reaction, anti-mildew, not easy to be damp and moldy.

Cotton silk scarf is breathable and sweat-absorbent, which is most suitable for wearing in spring and summer. Cotton materials are mostly used to make long silk scarves with ethnic style, which is suitable for casual dressing.

Cotton advantages: it has good comfort and breathability, and does not generate static electricity; cotton is a poor conductor of heat, and the inner cavity of cotton is filled with immobile air, so it has a good warming effect; Strong hygroscopicity, so its dyeing performance is good, direct dyes, sulfur dyes, etc. are easy to color.

Due to the special use of chemical fiber, this type of scarves are also popular in some occasions. For example: there are chemical fiber scarves that are used during sports, which absorb sweat and dry very quickly; there are UV chemical fiber scarves for sun protection and so on.

Chemical fiber advantages: It has the advantages of light resistance, abrasion resistance, easy washing and drying, not easy to mold, not being moth-eaten, etc .; good air permeability, good dyeing performance, and strong hygroscopicity, so chemical fiber is easier to color and color than cotton Pure, gorgeous, and has the most complete color spectrum.