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What is the process of making scarves

Jun 01, 2020

1. In the design of scarves, each designer has his own experience and thinking. Behind everyone, there is a story that sparks when they touch each other. Each scarf design must go through creative thinking of a design team. Therefore, every ingeniously designed scarf has injected the designer's soul.

2. Plate making of scarves. The step of making a plate is to separate multiple colors of the pattern. This step is called casting. When making a plate, the platemaker has to sit at a table with lights, paste a piece of transparent paper on the model, and then use Chinese ink to draw the details of each same color on the transparent paper as is. One-color is a piece of transparent paper. If a scarf has 40 different colors, you need to draw 40 sheets of transparent paper. The ant-like slow work has a crucial meaning because the perfect plate making must depend on the perfect painting.

3. The coloring of scarves. The unique color is the proudest element of the weaver scarf. The craftsmen of the weavers make a delicate amount of water, pigments, and natural gums. Myanmar red, slender black, aurora blue, neutral gray, trade wind blue, toluene yellow, each color has a corresponding number, the entire process is complicated and cumbersome. When the paint is configured, inject the corresponding stereotypes, and you can start printing.

4. The printing of scarves. Stamping is the last procedure. The principle of printing is very simple: first, the white twill silk cloth is rolled on the printing machine, and then the stereotypes are successively embossed, each time it is pressed, it is a color. The pattern of the silk scarf gradually appeared with the stereotyped imprint. Then hang the silk scarf on the table for a few hours, wait for it to dry, use a steam oven to fix the color, wash off the residual marks of the gum, and lay it flat on the carpet and dry it with hot air. The final process is that the manual tailor uses manual cutting and hemming. This process takes an average of 45 minutes per scarf.

Such a rigorous process can only be seen in the silk scarf of Hundredscarf, from design to material selection to production.