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What is the postponement of the European Cup?

Mar 23, 2020

There have been reports recently that UEFA may announce the postponement of the 2020 European Cup at a meeting next Tuesday, which is undoubtedly heavy news. However, if we look at it from another perspective, this may ensure that after the five major leagues have been postponed this season, they can still "finish the game."

European Cup

What is the postponement of the European Cup _ when will it be postponed?

UEFA issued an announcement earlier, inviting all members to hold a conference call on March 17 to determine the response of each league, the European War and the 2020 European Cup. According to the exclusive news they obtained, the team newspaper said that UEFA is expected to announce the suspension of the European Cup this season + the European Cup will be postponed to 2021 at the meeting on March 17.

As we all know, 2020 is a big year for sports, with the festival's European Cup of fans, and the sports highlights of the Olympics. Before, the outside world paid more attention to the Olympic Games. After all, the Olympic Games were held in Japan. However, no one expected that Europe is currently so serious that Serie A and La Liga have all been suspended. The European War is basically unable to continue. Some players in the Premier League are suspected of being infected. The German League is also infected by players. The five major leagues and the European War may not finish successfully. Already.

Under such circumstances, no matter from which perspective, the delay of the European Cup is not surprising. The 2020 European Cup is a very special European Cup. This year's tournament will take the form of a tour without a host country and will be held in 13 cities in 12 countries in Europe. Because of this, it will be more difficult to hold the event scheduled for June. In this European Cup, the original group stage was full of highlights. Group F has drawn the three major champions Germany, France, and Portugal together. If the European Cup is postponed, then such a duel will have to wait a long time for fans. This year, it may not be seen.

Looking at it today, UEFA is also in a bad position. Before that, AFC has postponed a number of events, but the density of matches at the Asian level cannot be compared with Europe, so it is relatively better to handle. UEFA must postpone the European Cup in order to complete the five major leagues and the European War. Push it to next year, when it may be the most special European Cup.

It is worth mentioning that as the European Cup may be postponed, the Olympics may not be held at the scheduled time. Of course, the good thing about the Olympic Games is that they originally started the game later than the European Cup and can continue to observe.