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What is the difference between a rayon scarf and a cotton scarf?

Sep 16, 2019

1. Finish: rayon, the cloth surface is flat, the yarn defect is very small, no impurities, fine and smooth; and the surface of the cotton cloth can be seen with cotton shell, impurities, etc., the finish is not as good as the artificial cotton cloth.

2. Uniformity of yarn count: The yarn of the rayon is evenly distributed, and the yarn defect is small; while the cotton yarn is not as dry as the artificial cotton, especially the medium and coarse cloth.

3. Feel: rayon, regardless of the thick fabric, the feel is mostly soft, and the cotton cloth has a slightly rough feeling.

4. Color: The luster and color of rayon are good. Compared with cotton, rayon is more vivid and beautiful.

5. Wrinkle: The artificial cotton cloth is easy to wrinkle. When a hand rubs a cloth and spreads out, there are many wrinkles, and it is not easy to recover in time. Although the cotton cloth has wrinkles, it is slightly lighter than artificial cotton.

6. Drapability: artificial cotton drape is better, cotton drape is not as good as artificial cotton.

7. Powerful: The strength of rayon is lower than that of cotton. Especially in humid environment, the cotton has poor fastness. When drawing from the edge of the cloth, the rayon is easier to break than the cotton. Therefore, artificial The cotton texture is mostly thick and not as thin as pure cotton yarn.

8. Artificial cotton is a common name for cotton staple fibers. The main varieties are cotton-type viscose staple fibers which are chemically processed by raw materials such as cellulose or protein.

9. Chemical fiber is a general term for fibers made from natural or synthetic polymer materials and processed by chemical or physical methods. It is not a kind of plastic. Fiber and plastic are materials, which are parallel.