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What is the difference between a pure wool logo and a blended wool logo?

May 16, 2019

The Pure Wool logo is a registered mark for the use of pure new wool products. It is registered and owned by the International Wool Secretariat and is a high-quality mark trusted by consumers around the world. Pure wool products and what are commonly referred to as "whole wool" products must have a wool content of more than 95%. Some key indicators such as color fastness and durability should meet the quality and technical indicators formulated by the bureau. The use of the pure wool logo is permitted.

The blended wool logo is a premium mark for use in high quality wool blends. The proportion of pure new wool should not be less than 60% (for example, in wool/cotton blends, the ratio can be reduced to 55%). In addition to sweaters, rugs and hand-knitted yarns, it can be used in all apparel products, zero-cut fabrics, curtains, all upholstery and blankets. Its quality must also meet the targets set by the International Wool Secretariat. The specific marking of the pure wool logo is in the form of sewing the pure wool logo into the trademark and the attached paper tag. Both must be used at the same time to be effective. Do not use separately. For example, a pure new sweater with a pure wool logo in a prominent position, and a pure wool logo paper tag. In addition to the "five-line triangle" symbol of the pure wool logo, the trademark must also indicate the fiber composition of pure new wool (such as "pure new wool" or "PURE NEW WOOL" and the words shown in the figures), washing operation Classification instructions, registration marks. And the origin and other content. The paper tag should mark the word "WOOL MARK", the "five-line triangle" symbol of the pure wool mark, the phrase indicating the pure new wool fiber, and the washing operation instructions. In the identification, the "five-line triangle" symbol of the pure wool logo and the associated contents must be recognized. In addition, the blended wool logo should also include the corresponding content as described above. Recognizing the contents of these signs is important for the purchase of genuine high quality wool products.