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What is acrylic fabric and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Jun 27, 2018

Many people do not know what fabrics are made of acrylic,when it comes to selection, it is easy to go into the wrong area. So, what do you know about acrylic fabrics? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Here let's learn some about it togther!

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The fabric of Acrylic:

The brand name of acrylic fiber in China is polyacrylonitrile fiber, while in other countries, acrylic fiber is known as "Alon" and "Cashmere". Polyacrylonitrile is a polymer material obtained by free-radical polymerization of monomeric acrylonitrile. General polyacrylonitrile is a white powder with a density of 1.14 to 1.15 g/cm. At atmospheric pressure, it softens and decomposes at 220 to 300°C. In addition, acrylic fiber is also known as "artificial wool," and its textiles are widely used in clothing, decoration, industry and other fields.

Advantages of Acrylic fabric:

1.The performance of acrylic fabric is very similar to that of wool, but the elasticity is much better than that of wool. In the case of elongation of 20%, the rebound rate can still be maintained at about 65%.

2,acrylic fiber is very strong sunlight resistance, that is, excellent light resistance, if you put the acrylic fiber exposure to the sun, there will be no problem, very durable.

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3, acrylic fabric in the warmth better than wool, acrylic fiber fluffy shape, feel very soft to the touch, so the warmth is better.

4. The products made of acrylic fabric are generally not afraid of acid attack, and the properties of acid resistance, oxidation resistance and general organic solvents are very good, and they are very practical.

Disadvantages of acrylic fabrics:

Acrylic fabrics also have some drawbacks, that is, poor alkali resistance, if you use alkaline cleaning products when cleaning should pay attention. At the same time, a relatively high temperature will also have a greater impact on acrylic fiber fabrics. At high temperatures of 190 to 230 degrees Celsius, the acrylic fibers will soften. In addition, the hygroscopicity of acrylic fabrics is also relatively poor.

Well, the above is what acrylic fabric,and related to the introduction of what its advantages and disadvantages,Do you have a new understanding about the acrylic fiber? If you still want to learn more about acrylic, please continue to pay attention to http://www.hundredscarf.com/

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