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What is acetate satin fabric?

Feb 17, 2020

What is acetate satin fabric? Acetate fiber dyeing performance fabrics are bright in color, bright in appearance, smooth and comfortable in nature, and low in strength. Acetate fabrics are widely used in furnishings Decorative fabrics, acetate yarns are used in clothing materials, shirts and skirts, garments, bridal dresses and children's clothing, T-shirts, fabrics, shirts and skirts, clothing, bridal dresses and children's clothing, T-shirts, woven or knitted The fabric is made of 100% acetate silk or blended with acetate silk to make silk, elastic fibers, nylon, cotton, or hemp, wool, silk polyester and other velvet fabrics for decoration. Furnishing fabrics, such as acetate silk warp cotton yarn or silk weft fabric, decorative fabric satin, satin silk is used for ribbon flower making and tie.

The acetate fiber, which belongs to the artificial fiber family, likes to imitate silk fiber, and is manufactured by advanced textile technology. It has bright colors, bright appearance, smooth and comfortable touch, and gloss and performance close to mulberry silk.