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What if the wool is smelly?

Oct 19, 2019

1. If the wool that has just been bought is slightly tasted, it can be dried after opening the package, and the taste will quickly evaporate. If you have a smell of sheep, you can use the following small method: spray the alcohol evenly on the wool, then sprinkle with a small amount of yellow rice or gently brush it with a soft brush one or two times, remember The technique must be gentle. After the wool is dried, shake the yellow rice standing on it, then roll the wool and put it on the mothball. After a while (about two months), the smell of the sheep will follow. Alcohol and mothballs are evaporated together.

2, In normal use, you should remember to dry the clothes regularly, otherwise, the wool will be damp. After the damp, it is easy to have insects and smells. If there are conditions, you can send them to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Otherwise, you should be diligent.

3, When storing, usually pay attention to the wool is to be stored in a special bag, you can put a few insecticides, placed in a ventilated and dry place. This can effectively prevent the wool from getting wet.