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What fabric is lurex?

Feb 27, 2020

Gold-silver jacquard fabric: Metallic Jacquard Fabric is commonly known as "gold-silver thread, gold-silver thread". The chemical decoration is used to make decorative silk. Because it is mainly gold and silver, it is named. "Line" is the habitual name, but it is actually a sleeveless wire. The ancient gold and silver wire was gold and silver hand-made into thin foil, mounted on thin sheepskin or paper, and then cut into strips, called "flat gold and silver thread", which is expensive, heavy and thick and hard Easy to wear and discolor.


What is lurex?

Gold and silver silk fabric refer to the fabric containing gold and silver silk. The composition of gold and silver silk is a vacuum-plated aluminum layer on polyester film, and then painted and made. It should be classified as polyester and metal. What is the composition of the fabric? Look at the fabric with which yarn!