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What fabric is good for custom scarf

May 11, 2020

Scarf fabrics are in the following categories: one is plant fiber fabrics; the other is animal fiber fabrics; the third is chemical fiber fabrics; the fourth is blended fabrics.

1. Plant fiber fabrics are made of cotton, rayon, modal, bamboo fiber, etc. Plant fiber fabrics have the strength of polyester and surpass the wet strength of cotton fiber fabrics, but also have hygroscopic and breathable artificial fiber fabrics and plain fiber fabrics. This fiber fabric will become the fifth-largest fiber fabric after the four fiber fabrics of cotton, wool, hemp, and silk. The fabric feels very soft and has high wet strength. The fabric is washable and easy to color.

2. Animal fiber fabrics include wool fabrics, cashmere fabrics, and silk fabrics. Animal fiber fabric looks and feels like cotton cloth, has poor elasticity, good wettability and low thermal conductivity, light and warm to wear, good strength and wear resistance, strong and durable, excellent chemical resistance, sunlight and other properties

3. Chemical fiber fabrics include polyester, acrylic, and chiffon fabrics. Chemical fiber fabrics have good resistance to sunlight and are lightfast. The sun resistance is twice as great as wool, and it is exposed to the sun and has little effect on the performance of the fabric itself. The chemical fiber fabric is light, has good thermal insulation, and feels very soft to the touch.

4. Blended fabrics include silk cotton, cotton, and linen, wool nitrile fabrics, fibers of different materials that are blended by a certain proportion. The blended fabric is breathable and perspiration-permeable. Cotton and linen can absorb sweat and micro-sweat on the skin of the human body, so that the body temperature can quickly return to normal. Anti-static, no frustration, no curling, cotton, and linen cloth are sewed with pure cotton, without free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, not ball.