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What fabric is gold and silver yarn?

Apr 23, 2020

Today I will introduce you to a more ornamental apparel fabric. It is a gold and silver silk fabric. We generally refer to a fabric with gold and silver thread embedded in the fabric as a gold and silver silk fabric. Gold and silver silk refers to a metal wire made of gold, silver, or gold-plated or silver. The base fabric of gold and silver silk fabrics can be chosen arbitrarily, and cotton and linen yarns or even chemical fibers can be used to make gold and silver silk fabrics. The following will tell you about the characteristics of the gold and silver silk fabric and its washing method.

There are actually many types of gold and silver yarns. The characteristics and uses of different types of gold and silver yarns will also be different. M-type gold and silver yarns are made of polyester film and have a gorgeous color and brightness. This kind of yarn is powerful, high in toughness and can be used. Used in webbing, embroidery and scarves.

MH type gold and silver yarn: This kind of gold and silver yarn is made by twisting gold and silver yarn with rayon, nylon, and other yarns. The silk thread is much softer than the M type. It is often used as an auxiliary material for textiles, and it is used in sweaters, socks, and cardigans. .

MX type gold and silver yarn: It is composed of a single strand of gold and silver yarn and other yarns (rayon, polyester, etc.). It will be used more in yarn-dyed fabrics and jacquard fabrics.

L / J type gold and silver thread: People call this type of embroidery thread, it will have good strength and toughness, and it will be used more in embroidery, warp-knitted fabrics, and trademarks.

Washing method of metal wire fabric:

The first is that this fabric is not easy to soak in water for a long time, so the washing time of the fabric should be shortened as much as possible. Excessive water temperature will affect the strength of the gold and silver wire, so washing with cold water is appropriate. The fabric itself is not resistant to acids and alkalis, so use a neutral washing solution, pay attention to these problems, and the rest will be washed normally like ordinary clothes. There is also a lot of gold and silver silk fabrics sold at No. 3 Fabric Museum. The following is a gold and silver silk fabric with better quality.

Filigree fabric: The composition of this filigree fabric is 95% cotton + 5% gold onion, the width of the fabric is between 148-150, the fabric is not elastic and thin and has good elasticity, there are currently 7 colors to choose from, Suitable for the production of shirts and short-sleeved scarves, the wholesale price of the fabric is 8.8 per meter.