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What fabric is chiffon?

Feb 11, 2020

Chiffon fabric is a very thin chemical fiber fabric, which is a relatively thin fabric. Because the fabric is light, transparent, and elastic, it looks light and elegant, has good breathability and drape, and is very comfortable and chic to wear. The clothing is elegant and clean, so it is mainly used to make women's dresses, high-end evening dresses, headscarves and other items.

The name "chiffon" comes from the French CHIFFE meaning, meaning light and transparent fabric, is a textile product in silk products, the fabric is light, transparent, soft and elegant. The scientific name of "chiffon" is "Georgette"-Georgette is also known as Georgette. It is a kind of silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp and crepe weft. The name of Georgette comes from France (georgette). The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency of the georgette yarn, and the crease effect of the silk surface mainly depend on the thickness of the yarn, the combined number, the twist, and the warp and weft density. Its warp and weft yarns use S twist and Z twist strong twisted yarns in two different twist directions, arranged in 2S and 2Z (two left and two right), interlaced with plain weave, and the warp and weft density of the fabric is very small. After being refined, the silk is creped due to the untwisting action of the silk thread, forming a silky surface with uniform wrinkles and a loose structure.

Chiffon can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester georgette, and interwoven georgette according to the raw materials used. If weft uses only one twist direction, weaving georgette is called smooth georgette. Ruffled irregular wrinkles.