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What dose a scarf mean

Dec 21, 2018

In winter, there are coats, boots seem indispensable for every woman. In fact, a cashmere scarf can meet your request of "skin-friendly". 

Cashmere scarves are best paired with sweaters.

The sheet that wool and sweater two kinds of characteristics are equivalent is tasted, let this one combination collocation rises matchless harmony, exquisite wool qualitative each other is tie-in, soft tactile feeling reflect reflect makes this winter so warm heart.

cashmere camel3

We make custom scarves in a number of sizes. Typically, we want to design the scarf around the optimum yield of the silk fabric so that it will be the most cost effective and not waste the silk itself. 

We can discuss size options with you at the beginning of the process to help make some of these decisions at the outset.  

cashmere 9

We print our custom silk scarves on silk twill, satin, chiffon, and crépe.  Each of these fabric weights and weaves have different properties and looks when printed. We also offer twill in a few different weights which have a more or less formal quality.  Traditional printing is the best technique for printing silk scarves when the imagery is appropriate. Traditionally printed silk is spot color printing with deep color saturation. Even on the heaviest silks, you will see rich color penetration through to the back of the scarf with traditional printing.  

The finest scarves in the world are traditionally printed by hand, one color at a time. If you plan to provide the artwork for your scarf the best options are Illustrator or Photoshop.  

We also provide scarf design services if you need assistance with your custom scarf project. You will work directly with our design team to finalize your scarf.