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What does the scarf magic mean?

Mar 10, 2020

Magic is an art, a special art, an art preserved by its secrets. The reason why people like magic is because of its mystery, and the magic associated with scarves in recent years, the so-called scarves Magic is even more innovative. Here are some magics about the magic of scarves for everyone to enjoy.

The first one: the scarves magic about turning scarves into sticks, and turning sticks into scarves.

How to turn a silk scarf into a stick in magic, and then turn a stick into a silk scarf? A stick is a pure prop, which is a kind of retractable prop like a spring, and the stick is hollow inside, just fit the silk scarf Inside, when the stick is compressed into a small stick, it is hidden in the palm of the hand, and the silk scarf naturally leaks out. When the hand is sent, the stick automatically pops out, and of course the silk scarf returns to the mix.

The second is the scarf magic about the disappearance of the scarf.

Put a silk scarf inside your fist. In the end, I left only one pair of shorts, and the scarf was gone. Where was it hidden?

This magic has two steps:

1. In the fist, hold a small triangular soft bag open to the eye of the fist in advance. The bottom of the small soft bag is connected with elastic rubber bands, and the other end is fixed to the armpit of the other hand. When a silk scarf was stuffed into the fist, when it was released, the small soft bag and the silk scarf stuffed into the fist reached the armpit of the other hand.

2. It is a flesh-colored rubber sticker on the back waist (his clothes should be silky). After special practice, the clothes and pants are strictly flattened according to the pre-designed design, and then gestures are put into the rubber sticker. Gone.

In fact, the magic of the scarf is a combination of the triangular prism called the Russian name. As for the disappearance of the scarf, a professional prop-thumb tip, is used by the magician. A skin-like prop in his hand. First, he hid his fingers in his hands. Of course, the audience did not pay special attention to the magician's hand at the beginning because he did it naturally, and then stuffed the scarf into his fist In fact, it is stuffed into the fingertips, OK (look at his left hand carefully when playing), so that it can realize the disappearance and appearance of the scarves in a vacuum. It's just hiding in your hands, you haven't noticed it. The magician's misleading is the key to the show.

The key props used in this scarf magic are sold in the magic props store, the price is less than 10 yuan, is a skin-colored thumb fingertip, you can only put a small scarf, pay attention to his right hand One action is to put the thumb in the palm of his hand. In fact, he is taking off the finger sleeve in order to take out the scarf. That is to say, first put the finger sleeve on the thumb of the left hand, hide it in the hand, and then take the scarf out. Prevented him from taking it back to his right thumb.