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What does a tie clip do

Feb 26, 2020

Tie clip It is not a pure decoration, it is mainly used to fix the tie on the shirt and it is mainly used to fix the tie on the shirt. Nowadays, tie clips are becoming more and more diverse. They are made of alloy, diamond and gemstone, and also gold. For formal occasions, such as weddings, receptions, business meetings, men will match a tie clip to keep the tie straight. How to use the tie clip? Where should it be clamped? Let ’s follow along with the editor.

What are the functions of tie clips

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The tie clip is a kind of metal jewelry used to fix the tie so that it will not flutter. The tie and the fourth to fifth buttons of the shirt are clamped to each other. But now he also has many kinds of materials, including diamonds and gems, and gold. It is usually needed when wearing a suit.

A tie clip must be used for tying a tie. The role of the tie clip is to clamp the tie and the shirt together and fix it on the chest to prevent the tie from swinging unsightly when the human body is walking or other activities. Especially when dining, the hospitable host used to greet the guests at the table. If the guests were preparing dishes, the tie hanging on the dish would make both parties feel unhappy and destroy the banquet atmosphere.

How to use tie clips

Use when wearing a suit, that is to say, it is not necessary to use a tie clip when wearing a long-sleeve shirt alone, let alone a jacket when wearing a jacket. When wearing a suit, use a tie clip, which should be pinned to a specific position, that is, counting from the top, between the fourth and fifth buttons on the shirt, pin the tie clip, and then button the suit shirt Tie clips should generally not be visible from the outside. Because according to the rules of decoration etiquette, the main purpose of the accessories such as tie clips is to fix the tie. If it is slightly exposed, it can be justified. If it is pinned too far, or even close to the collar of the shirt, it will become excessively flamboyant.

Third, the tie clip needs attention

In fact, few people wear tie clips nowadays, or they are staff! Such as banks. There is also a person who is really very high status, very particular about manners and polite people. In fact, ordinary people do not pursue this too much.

Tie clips are not purely decorative. The function of the tie clip is to fix the tie. The tie clip should be better in texture, otherwise it is better not to wear it. According to the rules of decoration etiquette, the role of the tie clip is mainly to fix the tie. If it is slightly exposed, it can be justified. If you put it on too much, or even press the collar of the shirt, it will look too brash. This requires special attention. of.

In addition, choose a tie clip according to your own preferences. For some tie clips with party emblems and other special patterns, you must choose carefully according to your identity. The role of the tie clip, in addition to the above, can also reflect the gentleman style of men, becoming more tasteful, and more modern fashion.