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What do cotton fabrics fear most?

Dec 09, 2019

Pure cotton is an indispensable material for us to wear and sleep. Although the spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing process of cotton has changed a lot in the past thousand years, cotton has always been loved by everyone. The problem is that after more than a thousand years, the knowledge of washing and nursing has not improved. It's like we often encounter the three major problems of pilling, shrinking, and fading of pure cotton fabrics. Although there is a certain relationship between the fabric material and the fabric but is it not closely related to our correct cleaning? So remember, cotton is afraid of these things, and quickly share.

Pure cotton afraid of "long expectation of humid environment"

Have you found a problem? If a wet towel is left in the bathroom for a long time without drying, that towel will easily break a large hole. This is the damage caused by pure cotton in the humid environment due to acidic materials that corrode the fabric. Drying is really important.

Pure cotton afraid of "detergent does not dilute first"

In fact, under normal circumstances, cotton is resistant to alkali and acid but does not mean that cotton is not afraid of alkali. If it is left for a long time, the fabric will be hard. At the same time, the dyeing and dyeing of the fabric will also cause local discoloration and yellowing of the fabric because the concentrated detergent has not been diluted in advance.

Pure cotton afraid of "high-temperature washing and baking exposure"

We all know that pure cotton will shrink, and the standard range for correct shrinkage is within 5%. That is to say, for a bed with a width of 200, a shrinkage within 10cm is in line with national standards. But if you use high temperature, exposure, baking, etc., the shrinkage rate will not be controlled.