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What color scarf is popular this year? Winter scarf matching skills

Dec 19, 2018

In the cold winter, you have to rely on courage to go out. You can never pack it. The down jacket boots are not too small, and there are no scarves. What color scarf is popular this year? I prepared several winter popular scarves for your reference.

1, gray scarf

It's not wrong to match a gray scarf with a single item. The gray scarf is very low-key, with a navy blue sweater, simple and generous, the lower body is matched with a blue and white stitching irregular skirt, very layered, and then put on pantyhose and black booties, warm and thin. Not only did the neck stay warm, but the head did not let go, wearing a red hat, more elegant and feminine.

gray scarf

2, white scarf

This fringed white scarf is very classic, with a black leather, black and white matching, simple and beautiful, the bottom is tied with a pair of loose jeans, personality and casual.

white scarf

3, striped scarf

Stripe elements are popular elements for autumn and winter,and they are also popular on scarves.The suit's coat is casual and yet commuter,with a pair of black cropped trousers, which is very delicate. Feel free to wear a striped scarf on the neck, simple and intellectual, the drooping scarf can also play the role of elongated body shape,careful use of the machine just right.

fashion scarf

4, camel scarf

Camel is the exclusive color of autumn and winter, and the camel scarf is more temperament. Camel scarf with a light-colored jacket, very sleek, warm and stylish. Under the wear a gray pipe pants, color coordination, full of temperament.

fashion scarves

5, black scarf

Black scarf is also a must-have for autumn and winter. The shape of the whole body is particularly handsome, but because of the collision of different materials, and the combination of the pattern on the pants and the red bag, the visual impact is more intense and very fashionable.

black scarf

Are you getting these winter scarf matching skills?