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What color scarf is good for a red bean coat?

Oct 07, 2019

In today's life, there are more shopping festivals, and no matter what the festival will be touted by those businesses, it will become a shopping festival. At the shopping festival, many girls like to buy some clothes. But those girls only bought a lot of clothes but didn't know how to match them, so many clothes would be left idle in the closet, and usually only wear a few good matching clothes.

Today, I will solve a matching problem for my friends: the red coat should match the color of the scarf. If you don't know how to match your friends, let's take a look.

First, the green scarf.

Maybe friends will think that green is a very bad color, so many friends don't like green very much. And usually people think that green is very bad match, and they don't know what clothes should be matched with green. But what my friends don't know is that the green scarf with the jujube coat is very beautiful, especially for those who are tall.

When a taller friend puts on this green scarf with a jujube coat, it gives a very literary feeling. So those friends who want to install literature and art, are willing to try this match. Of course, if you don't feel good, there is a mix for you to choose from.

Second, grandma's gray scarf.

The color of grandma ash has been very popular in recent times, and many friends have dyed this color of hair. For the red-brown coat, it is very good to match the grandmother's gray color scarf with it. And the grandmother's gray color is matched with a red coat, which is a relatively novel match, so if you want to try some more novel combinations and some more trendy combinations, you can use our grandma gray color scarf to match our jujube coat. .

Whether our grandma's gray-colored scarf is long or short, it can be very well matched with a red coat. So every friend can buy a grandmother's gray color scarf to give them a novel match.

Third, a purple scarf.

Many friends may think that purple is very old-fashioned, so you won't pick purple when you buy a scarf, unless you like purple very much. But what my friends don't know is that when we want to match the date red coat, it is better to use a purple scarf and match. Especially when the purple scarf is relatively long, the effect will be even better.

Dear friends, don't feel purple and old, don't have a purple scarf. This is very wrong, because when we want to match the date red coat, the effect of matching with purple is very good. So friends can hurry to buy a purple scarf to match their red coat. And when choosing, be sure to pick a long purple scarf, which will bring out better results.

The above is about introducing a jujube coat with a scarf. I hope that these matches are suitable for you. If you have any questions or other matching methods, welcome to exchange and discuss!