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What are the skills for matching scarves?

Mar 09, 2020

If you don't pay attention to the matching method, you should wear a silk scarf, or if the matching method is too simple, you cannot highlight the effect of the scarf. In order to avoid the above situation, here are 7 points about the matching skills of scarves, so that you can easily shape the classic shape of the scarves.

Point 1: One of the colors in the scarf pattern should match the color of the clothes

Many scarves have only one color among the many colors that match the color of the clothes on the body. Even so, the overall match works well. It doesn't matter if the colors are not exactly the same, just the same color. When you buy a silk scarf, you should buy a scarf with a color similar to the clothes you usually wear.

Point 2: The color of the scarf and the clothes are the same color, and the overall feeling is harmonious.

It is much easier to match scarves and clothes in the same color system. If the color of the clothes is the same as that of the scarf, it is best to tie the scarf according to the large-scale display method, which looks smooth.

Point 3: Choosing a scarf that is just the opposite of the color of your clothes will make you the focus of attention

The opposite of red is green and the opposite of yellow is purple. The opposite color of each color in the picture is its opposite color. Depending on the makeup, some silk scarves are too bright in color. If you want to be the focus, choosing the opposite color is the most suitable. It will leave a positive and vibrant feeling.

Point 4: Scarves match the hue of clothes

Bright and beautiful tones, dark tones, etc. As long as the tones are the same, several colors will not conflict with each other, so you can match the tone of the clothes when choosing a scarf.

Point 5: The color of the scarf matches the color of the small accessories

Matching the color of scarves with accessories such as handbags, belts, hats, boots and other accessories is also one of the methods of matching. Note, however, that if the deadly spread is too much, the shape is easy to lose, it is best to choose a compact system.

Point 6: The combination of the scarf and the lower body determines the impression you leave on others

Cute, elegant, casual, handsome, first decide what kind of look you want to dress, and then go with the scarf and the lower body. This makes it easier to match.

Point 7: Pay attention to the combination of clothing material and scarf material

When you wear a thicker coat, you can choose a gorgeous and thicker silk scarf, such as silk satin, silk yarn, and silk twill. When you wear light blouses and dresses, you can choose thin and light silk scarves to match with silk georgette, and silk satin. The effect will be better.