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Wearing a scarf in cold weather in winter can prevent cervical spondylosis

Feb 20, 2020

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the prerequisite for doing anything. Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life, and health also comes from our good daily habits. The editor of Life Family has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

Wu Xiabo, chief physician of a department of orthopaedics in a Chinese hospital, said that even if you are strong, you should pay attention to the neck to keep warm in winter. A scarf can prevent colds, a scarf can eliminate brain fatigue, and a scarf can alleviate hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, etc. that are easy to worsen in winter.

Chinese medicine believes that wind, cold, heat, wetness, dryness, and fire are the six factors that cause disease. The neck is the "fortress" of the human body, the neck is full of blood vessels, and there are many important points, such as the Dazhui point, the Fengchi point on the cervical spine, and the shoulder well point extending to the shoulder. Therefore, winter is the season when cervical spondylosis is high.

In winter, if you don't wear high-necked clothes and get a bit of cold wind into your neck, you will have a cold war all over your body. Therefore, the neck is most afraid of freezing. Especially modern people have been using computers for a long time, which can easily cause stiff neck muscles. If winter wind and cold hits, the back will be cold, muscles are easily convulsed and painful, and this pain will radiate to the pain in the upper shoulder area and shoulder area. Repeated cold exposure for a long period of time, from colds to rheumatism.

Today, there are many types of scarves, such as cotton and wool. As long as they have good thermal performance, the price ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Compared with  a few thousand for a cervical spondylosis, this money is really insignificant.