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Wear a silk scarf into a miniskirt to make you sexy in whole spring.

Feb 22, 2019

Women's scarves can be used to create a variety of styles such as mini skirts and long skirts. The two scarves of 90 x 90 cm were folded into a single shape, one wrapped around the buttocks and attached from the front. Another mini skirt from the front to the back is completed, as shown in 1. If you choose two silk scarves with different colors and patterns, you can create a different style. Now try the elegant bow tie that covers your body! As shown in 2. Please prepare two different long and thin scarves and a silk scarf. First tie the ends of the two silk scarves together, so that the knotted place is in the middle of the back of the neck, then start to wrap, gently turn the scarves so that the knotted part is next to the neck, and the rest is placed near the navel. The scarf buckle is fine.

Please prepare a 140×140cm wide scarf and two silk scarves with small holes at both ends. First, put the silk scarf from the back to the chest, grasp the ends of the scarf to make them cross, and then pull the ends to the back of the neck to make them cross and wrap. Put the ends of the back of the neck firmly in the scarf. Even if you wear a straight top with a silk scarf, you can go to work beautifully.

Blended silk scarves can make exotic headwear. Fold a wide, long scarf into a triangle, with a forehead,

The hair and both ears are wrapped inside, and a knot is completed under the back of the head.