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Washing method of cashmere scarf

Apr 20, 2018

1. Soak for 15 minutes-20 minutes in the water of 35 ℃ with foam neutral lotion.

Avoid using enzymes or chemical auxiliaries containing bleaching and dyeing chemicals and lotions and shampoos to prevent erosion.

2. Rub lightly with hand, do not rub, lest cause pilling or felt.

3. Multi-color cashmere scarf should not be soaked, different colors of cashmere scarf should not be washed together to avoid string color. 4. Rinse with 35℃-40℃ warm water two or three times, the last of which can put some vinegar or softening agent, feel better. Put the washed cashmere scarf on the inclined board with a hand pressure to squeeze the water out or into the bag, dehydration in the washer dryer.

Then dry the tiles, do not hang, so as not to deform. 5. According to the advance cut of the paper clothes Board, the scarf to pave, finishing shape. It is padded with wet towels and ironed with Zhong Wen (around 140 ℃) irons. Avoid direct contact with cashmere scarves.