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Various ways to wear spring scarves

Jan 14, 2019

Scarf is one of the accessories of many fashion lovers. In spring and autumn, the scarf can not only block the wind, but also match it with clothes, making people more temperament. In the winter, the biggest function of the scarf is to keep out the cold. So, no matter in which season, how to make it warm and beautiful through the scarf method? Below, Jerry will share with you the most practical and beautiful method of scars throughout the year.

In the spring,the weather is cooler.After the winter,it is generally not used in this season as heavy, heavy, wooly,plush scarf styles,usually in the form of silk scarves.

Single knot cross

The method is to put the silk scarf on the neck, let the silk scarf hang freely, and then gently hit a single knot. According to the style of the clothes, different single knot styles can be used. If it is a long windbreaker type, the single knot of the silk scarf can be typed in half. If it is short, you can use a short scarf to make a knot on the right side of the neck.


So for those who are white-collar workers in the office or business people, plain clothes or black and white clothes are the choice of many people, so the choice of silk scarves can be used to tie the neck with a relatively wide tie knot. On the way, it will appear that the overall image of the person is very generous and handsome.


Then, if in the spring, for those girls who like to wear shirts and skirts, the method of silk scarves is different. You can use a little more casual, messy system, it will look more elegant ladies.