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Various styles of long silk scarves

Sep 18, 2018

Graphic illustration of fashion scarves

Tip: Audrey Hepburn said: "When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman. A necklace like a gemstone was adorned in the neck, one by one." The gemstones are full of color and three-dimensional, which instantly attracts the eye and immediately makes the whole person bright.

Audrey Hepburn said: "When I put on a silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, a beautiful woman." The law of scarves became a woman's unique philosophy. In the early winter of the sunny season, wear a delicate silk scarf, with a crisp and clean top, plus a pencil skirt and beautiful little shoes, so that you have both a woman's Sven and a girl's cute, absolutely become the office Popular beauty.

Play one: beautiful and beautiful flowers

The white sling long skirt is elegant and beautiful, but I always feel that something is missing. That's right, it's silk scarves! A beautiful hundred folds of flowers, let your body exude a pure atmosphere. What kind of silk scarf is suitable for this style of play? It is best to use a silk scarf with a strong texture to ensure that the silk scarf has a beautiful shape. The use of rimmed scarves highlights the layered silk pleats characteristic of this system. With a long skirt similar in lace color, it is more delicate and sweet.

The long silk scarf is simple and delicate, fresh and natural to add a feminine temperament to the lively low-necked costume.

Fashion analysis: the width of the square towel fold can be determined according to the proportion of the neck. If it is too wide, the whole scarf will lose its balance. When paired with a round neck, you can make a casual style collar more beautiful. Pairing with the square collar will make you look feminine. The matching suit is best to use a slightly larger size scarf, which looks more harmonious, so that the ends of the scarf hang in front, increasing the drape of the silk pleats. Also keep in mind that this is less suitable for a neck that is too short or a pear-shaped face.

Play two: beautiful fragrant jasmine knot

White is the most common color worn by urban women at work. Almost all office workers can wear such a dress, but how can they be better than others? Want to wear an elegant taste, the style of the neck is indispensable, a small embellishment can make a fresh girl, and a light jasmine fragrance in OFFICE.

The silk scarf is a beautiful fragrant jasmine knot. You are the delicate jasmine in the office.

Fashion analysis: the use of beautiful silk scarves into a flower-like system on the neck side, not only to add color to the face, the shape is also more three-dimensional, to achieve the effect of painting dragons. It is advisable to use a light-weight silk scarf with a soft texture. It is better to tie the silk scarf slightly.

Play three: fresh twist knot

The long silk scarf is a fresh twist: the best match with the classical prostitute.

The girls with long necks are afraid to wear the clothes of the round neck, thinking that the neck will look very long and difficult to see. In fact, as long as you add a small scarf, you can also wear PP round neck clothes with long neck, and make you fresh and full of classical charm. However, this method of damage to the scarf is relatively large, it is recommended that you do not take too expensive silk scarf to twist.

Fashion analysis: The silk scarf around the neck is very thin, which can create a more casual feeling. With a round neck top, it's simple and rich in design. However, because the silk scarf will be wound into a hemp rope, the process of winding should be tightened tightly, and the scarf will be reduced in size, otherwise the neck will become thicker. Be careful, this silk scarf is not suitable for a neck that is too short or a pear-shaped face.

Play four: beautiful unilateral bow

The silk scarf embodies the charm of a woman. Where there is a woman, the shadow of the silk scarf is indispensable. Especially when dating, the elegant silk scarf makes your relationship romantic like a fairy tale. What clothes do you want to wear to go to the appointment? Round neck? V-necked? shirt? All can! The unilateral bow is a versatile scarf, especially suitable for MM.

The long silk scarf is a sweet classic dating forever.

Fashion analysis: Knotted on either side of the chest, suitable for a V-neck sweater or T-shirt, elegant and elegant. Change the length of the ends of the scarf to make the whole scarf look dynamic, and more prominent the asymmetrical beauty of the left and right ends of the scarf. If you want to wear high-necked clothes, the silk scarf wrapped around the neck will be finer and look more harmonious. Do not hit the unilateral bow too tightly. When you hit it, be careful to keep the end of the ring longer when you hang the scarf around your neck.

Play five: skillful tie type

The silk scarf is a simple silk scarf with a crisp, clean top.

Fashion analysis: This method gives people a sense of rigor and pragmatism. Paired with a traditional shirt, it gives a neat and neat feeling. . If you wear a black narrow skirt, you can also bring a little woman charm in neutral practice.

Playing the sixth: elegant Japanese style

The combination of round and square on the silk scarf tie silk scarf breaks the dull and monotonous white shirt, plus the fitted trousers, giving a professional and capable image.

Fashion analysis: This style of play requires two squares and a wooden ring (or ring) to match each other. It feels elegant and natural, making ordinary clothes immediately become a variety of parties, especially the best costumes of the ball. This is the classic dress of the Japanese trend leader Ayumi Hamasaki, wear it to dance, you are the unique star in the dance floor!

Playing seven: V-shaped gem type

The long silk scarf is long neck + small silk scarf.

Fashion analysis: The V-shaped shape makes the neck line look very slender, and the silky fabric helps to adjust the three-dimensional feeling of the knot. Necklace-like gemstones are adorned in the neck, and the "jewels" are full of color and three-dimensional, which instantly attracts the eye and instantly makes the whole person bright.

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