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Various Methods of Wrapping Wool Scarf

Apr 28, 2019

Wool shawl

Wool shawl enclosure 1:

Striped shawl scarf, Europe and the United States full range, the background color is khaki, the striped print is brown, clean and neat colors, and the simple pattern, with the domineering version, is the advantage of this piece. Simply draped over the shoulders, with a black dress inside, both warm and slim.

Wool shawl enclosure 2:

The dark plaid shawl scarf, the plaid pattern is very interesting, is a combination of dotted lines, showing its own unique place, bringing a different fashion charm than the traditional lattice. The shawl is draped over the shoulder, and one end is placed on the shoulder of the other end. It is warm and fashionable, highlighting the trend of temperament.

Wool shawl enclosure 3:

Printed shawl scarf, very stylish and stylish. The collision of ginger and brown presents a different sense of freshness. The houndstooth pattern Han Faner is full, with the tassels, showing extraordinary fashion charm, and not too exaggerated, the effect is just right. Open the kerchief on one side of the shoulder, and the other side rotates two turns and then laps around the neck. It is very fashionable and stylish.