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Unmissable Hermes autumn and winter silk fabric

Oct 06, 2019

Who can deny the fashion status of Hermes silk fabrics, can not count the new pattern of autumn and winter, how to say that I love Fashion, immediately literacy, start!


(Psyche) washed twill silk large square scarf

This large square scarf invites you to embark on a mysterious journey of exploring the two symbols of spirituality in Hinduism: “yantra” and “mandala”. The carefully arranged squares, circles and triangles merge into a huge and dazzling kaleidoscope pattern with bright colors, and the soft touch of washed silk twill velvet adds a touch of color.

Designer: Sophie Koechlin


"Scottish checkered skirt" (Kilt) silk scarf

Inspired by the Hermès collection of a horse blanket, this scarf is a new interpretation of the essence of Scottish tartan. The lightweight silk used in the kerchief is a tribute to the British tie weaving process, which has a unique style of horse head and a tassel decoration.

Designer: Florence Manlik


"Grams Hermes" 90cm Twill Silk Square

Street art jumped on silk scarves. Kongo is an internationally renowned graffiti artist, Hermès invited him to cast his magic on the silk scarf. Inspired by the use of twill silk as a cement wall, he created a bold, colorful design with splashes of passion and energy.

Designer: Kongo


Magic Kelly 90cm Twill Silk Square

Dimitri Rybaltchenko waved his wand, and the Kelly bag shined like a star, shining. This square towel pays tribute to the enduring classics of Hermes with rich and bold imagination.

Designer: Dimitri Rybaltchenko