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Two steps to choose a silk scarf

Mar 06, 2020

The colorful scarves are the favorite of beauty lovers. However, it is extremely troublesome to choose a scarf which is suitable for you reasonably. The editor of this issue summarizes 4 points of practical experience and aims to help all beauty lovers choose affordable and desirable silk scarves.

1. Distinguish quality from fabric and color. A good fabric is the first element. In addition, the handkerchief is the best choice for the scarf. The printing color must be uniform. Generally speaking, the richer the color, the better the quality.

2. Select by body characteristics. For example, for people with short necks, choose a thinner and smaller scarf. The knot should be tied to the neck or loosely tied to the chest; petite and exquisite people should avoid too cumbersome and long system.

3. Pay attention to any special designs. Specially designed silk scarves need to show their creativity in a special way. When buying, you must pay attention to the pattern, and you must try to tie it yourself.

4. Be personal. If you belong to a good girl, then silk scarves will be the best choice; and transparent gauze silk scarves are suitable for romantic shapes; if you want to try the avant-garde style, silk scarves with shiny texture have unexpected effects.

Scarf selection tips

Buy Scarves "Two Steps"

When you like a silk scarf, the first thing to do is to put it close to your face and see if it matches your complexion. If it doesn't match your complexion, don't hesitate to discard it immediately. It should be noted that although the color design of some silk scarves is impeccable, there are still subtle differences between them and their favorite and suitable colors. In this case, compare the various colors, and then look in the mirror from a distance to confirm the fit with the body shape and the overall atmosphere of the clothing. Back effects and side effects cannot be ignored. After that, the silk scarf is knotted into a shape commonly used and then tried on, so that you can know the style and effect of this pattern.

No matter how good the silk scarf is, if it doesn't match the clothing, it will only occupy your wardrobe space in vain. Make sure you want to match your office attire or show off your style at the dinner party. If you have enough choice, you can also consider matching with lipstick accessories, belts or handbags.

When you wear your favorite silk scarf, you must be full of self-confidence, you don't need to worry too much, as long as you take some care to match, even if there are small mistakes, others will think that it is the embodiment of your personality.