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Tips for matching silk ties with shirts

Feb 21, 2020

The matching of shirts and ties is a science. If they are not properly matched, it may destroy the overall feeling, but if they are cleverly matched, they can catch everyone's eyes and look unique. Tie always plays a leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of clothing. Generally speaking, you should first focus on the matching of silk ties and suit tops. From a more sophisticated point of view, the color of the top should be the basic color of the tie.

White shirts are excellent on every man, suitable for all occasions, and will not be out of date, so every man should prepare at least a washable white shirt, which is matched with a variety of lively colors or bold ties It's all good. Timeless fashion is a white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or bright patterned tie. This is a timeless match.

In the way of matching clothes, simplicity is always flattering. If you aren't so confident in your choice of silk tie, don't make a difference. You know, most men don't feel good about patterns. Not only that, you never know who your offensive taste may be. The combination of shirts and silk ties also reflects to a certain degree how sophisticated you are in the world. Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar button shirt. In terms of ties, at least one tie in pure navy blue or wine red is for daytime use, and a silk woven tie or pure black tie should be used in place of the collar when attending a formal dinner.

Generally speaking, from the perspective of color matching, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Black suit, wearing white shirts and light-colored shirts, tie with gray, blue, green and other shirt colors.

2. Gray suit, can be equipped with gray, green, yellow and brick tie, wearing a light white shirt.

3. Dark blue suit, which can be equipped with blue, carmine and orange-yellow ties, wearing white and bright blue shirts.

4. Blue suit, can match dark blue, gray, rouge, yellow and brick tie, wear pink, cream yellow, silver gray and bright blue shirt.

5. Brown suit, can be matched with dark brown, gray, green and yellow tie, wear white, gray, silver and bright brown shirt.

6. Green suit, can match yellow, fat, brown and brick tie, wear bright silver gray, blue, brown and silver gray shirt.