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Tie knowledge

Apr 04, 2019

Everyone knows that dress etiquette is very important for secretarial staff. Today I will introduce you to several tie styles. The first is the style of the tie. Ties are good partners for men in the workplace, and a good-looking tie can add a lot to the overall look. In fact, shirts and tie with a lot of learning.

First, flat knot

Similar to the four-handed knot, it is very convenient, and the bow tie is a diagonal triangle, suitable for narrow-necked shirts.


The first step: as shown in the figure, the wider end of the tie (hereinafter referred to as the big end) is stacked on the narrow end of the tie (hereinafter referred to as the small end).

Step 2: Place the big end behind the little end.

The third step: the big end is wound into the small end before the loop.

Step 4: Pass the big end up and down through the collar.

Step 5: Insert the big end down into the previously formed ring and fasten it.

Step 6: Finish.

2. Windsor knot

The tie knot named after the Duke of Windsor is the most orthodox tie method. The knot is formed into a regular triangle, full and powerful, suitable for a wide-necked shirt for formal occasions. Never use a thick tie to make a Windsor knot.

1. Put the big collar over the small collar and form three areas (left, right, middle).

2. Turn the big collar from the left collar to the middle.

3. Turn the big collar down to the left area.

4. Turn the big collar from the left collar to the right.

5. Turn the big collar to the front to the middle area.

6. Turn the big collar from the middle of the tie to the left.

7. Turn the big collar from the tie knot to the right.

8. Turn the big collar under the small collar from right to center.

9. Pass the big collar through the front circle and tighten the tie knot.

10. One hand gently pulls the front end of the small collar, and the other hand moves the tie knot to the center of the collar.


At the same time, attention should also be paid to the coordination of the color of the shirt and tie to increase the elegance and elegance of the charm. For example: silver gray, milky white suit should be more eye-catching with red tie; red, purple suit with white tie elegant and luxurious; dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie reveal deep and subtle temperament; brown, dark green suit with sky blue tie show Out of style.