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Tie culture knowledge introduction

Mar 11, 2020

Tie culture knowledge introduction

In the middle of the 17th century, a minister in France went up, tied a white scarf on the neck collar, and tied a beautiful bow tie in front. King Louis XIV met with great appreciation and announced in public that the bow tie was a noble sign And ordered the upper class to dress like this. This shows that the tie originated in Europe

Tie as an ancient traditional product, has always been a note of noble status. A beautifully crafted tie with a soft touch is a classic decoration for every man

The range of modern ties:

In today's social environment, the image of a man is the first step to success. Gentleness and calmness is the image of men in a civilized society. Ties are required as part of men's clothing, which fully reflects the rich connotation of neckties as clothing accessories. The deep inner world has made the best image annotations. Therefore, the tie has experienced a long test of fashion trends today. With the rapid development of human civilization and the continuous updating of aesthetic fashion, its unique soul and personality are getting more and more Favored and respected by men

Identification of tie:

The quality of the tie is not fundamentally determined by the style and brand, but the quality is determined by the quality of the material and the elegance of the workmanship.

There are three methods for material identification:

(1) Identification of related materials: 100% silk SILK 100%; silk 100% SILK 100%; simulation silk 100% POLYESTERI00%; polyester silk 100% DACRON

(2) The difference between visual and hand feeling: silk color is moist and soft, and the hand feels delicate; artificial silk: the color is shiny, the eyes are jumping, the hand feels very scratchy, the color is faint and the touch is rough

(3) Thickness difference of material: 14-16mm is better for silk; better feel for silk and polyester

Exquisite workmanship to identify five points:

1. The standard tie is made of three segments, with a total length of 145cM and an angle of 45 °

2. The surface is smooth and clean, the pattern is clear and symmetrical;

3. The back slit is vertically centered;

4. The consistency of the patterns at the splicing;

5. Consistency of the color difference of the entire short tape fabric