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Three categories of satin fabrics

Feb 10, 2020

Satin cloth can be roughly divided into three types of cloth according to the original material: untwisted satin, elastic satin, and bamboo satin.

Non-twisted satin: It is made of chemical fiber raw materials, and the satin texture is used to interweave the raw materials on the water jet loom. It can be dyed and printed, and can be used to make casual pajamas and nightgowns. It is also bedding. The ideal fabric.

Elastic satin: Satin fabric infused with spandex yarn, using satin weave to interweave raw materials on air-jet loom. Due to the use of bright threads in the warp, the cloth surface has charm, occupying a place in the recent fabric market with advantages such as lightness, suppleness, elasticity, comfort and gloss.

Bamboo satin: It is made of polyester fabric and interlaced by air-jet loom. It is applied with a single reduction and environmentally friendly dyeing. It has a novel design, soft touch, comfortable wearing, non-hot ironing, etc. Suitable for making autumn clothes, casual suits, women's cropped pants, etc.