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This scarf is hot now in the world as the President wearing it

Dec 25, 2018

At the end of the year, CCTV news new media launched a special plan "2018 in my eyes" -- observing the changes in the international situation in 2018 and perceiving the pulse of world development from the personal perspective of CCTV foreign correspondents.This issue, CCTV station in harare, Zimbabwe reporter he xu recommend you a Zimbabwe scarf.


Traveling four days, visiting three places and having frequent activities, mnangagouwa, who is in his 70s, seems to forget the fatigue of the long journey. He is smiling, energetic and graceful.But careful friends may have noticed that, unlike other dignitaries, this leader has a unique way of displaying zimbabwean charm. What?The answer lies in the picture below.This issue, CCTV station in harare, Zimbabwe reporter he xu "amway" for you a Zimbabwe scarf.


So, people's national flag is the five colors of the match.Do not look down upon these common colors, can be used in the flag, in the eyes of zimbabweans but a lot of attention.

First of all, black, it goes without saying, represents the majority of African American brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe;

Red, as we all know, most countries in Africa were once colonies of western countries, and Zimbabwe is no exception. In order to strive for national independence and national liberation, countless people of lofty ideals have shed their blood.

White, the friends who are familiar with Zimbabwe know that people here are honest, kind and peace-loving.

Next, yellow.Yellow is a powerful visual color that represents Zimbabwe's rich mineral deposits.In a speech, President mnangagwa skillfully introduced: "we are a small country with an area of more than 390,000 square kilometers, but only three elements in the periodic table of chemical elements are absent in our country."

Let's talk about green.Zimbabweans have been farming since ancient times.Entering modern times, agricultural production has become one of the pillar industries of this country.Despite the stumbles in agriculture since independence, zimbabweans are not discouraged and are moving forward on their recovery.Therefore, they think it is necessary to paint the green symbol of agriculture on the national flag.

These five colors are the spirit of Zimbabwe.


This colorful scarf is from a female designer named Celia lucato.Ms. Rukato, a zimbabwean who has lived abroad for a long time, loves her country even more after years of sojourn.She has long wanted to design a product with zimbabwean elements to express her love for her country and pride in her nation. After communicating with friends and relatives, rukato boldly designed the "colorful scarf".Mr. Rukato said the "flag color" scarf, which goes far beyond race, tribe and politics, epitomized Zimbabwe's long and rich history and embodied its unique aesthetic of unity.In 2014, Mr. Rukato launched his own clothing company and launched the distinctive scarf.


As a result, mnangagoua and all the business team showed up in Switzerland wearing the scarf and never took it off, no matter how hot it was.The multicolored scarf became an international symbol of Zimbabwe.



At the end of 2018, the year was a challenging year for Zimbabwe, political situation is still complicated, the economy is not out of the crisis, however, there is no change in Zimbabwe's people yearning for a better future and leads the zimbabweans forward this scarf of a rainbow carries the spirit of Zimbabwe.  

The little scarf inherits the history, communicates the future and connects distinguished guests and friends from all over the world. It has become Zimbabwe's unique link to communicate with the world. We look forward to a bright and new future for Zimbabwe.

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