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These styles of autumn and winter scarves are not only good looking but also warm

Oct 28, 2019

A rain, so that the original warm temperature has dropped several degrees, the neck obviously feels cool. If you don’t have a long neck, you can’t shrink it anymore. Wear a scarf. In fact, winter scarves not only have the effect of warmth but of course the function of decoration.

Solid color scarf

Needless to say, pure color scarves, even if you hang directly on your neck, it is also warm and handsome. In terms of color, everyone should pay attention to the color of the coat as much as possible, and don't adjust it too much. If you think that the style of dressing is not black or white, then adding a scarf can definitely make you icing on the cake.


Plaid scarf

This plaid scarf must be introduced to everyone. The lattice elements have been popular in the market, clothing, bags, and accessories have swept the public life, so the respective scarves will be brewed and born, and they will be beautiful. Whether it's a regular plaid scarf or an irregular one, it has a surprising effect. The plaid design makes the scarf look different and beautiful, and the clothes are intriguing and eye-catching.


Big LOGO scarf

Some friends must be thinking, how can such a popular big LOGO scarf still popular. That's right, that is, someone is doing the opposite. You like simple and low-key things, but there are always people who love LOGO getting bigger and bigger, more and more obvious.