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These silk scarves are stylish and creative,adding extra points for temperament!

Mar 13, 2019

Speaking of scarves, everyone will not be unfamiliar, but scarves do not seem to be very popular among young people. In fact, as long as the match is right, the scarf will greatly add to your temperament!


1, Korean version of the wild ins silk small scarf

This silk scarf is not picky at all, not to pick and match, and it is also beautiful to hang directly on the neck. Sometimes you can choose to make a round, sometimes you can tie a knot directly, how to surround the temperament, especially a scarf will make you look more temperament, a British style silk scarf will let you The image of the extra points!


2, white striped small square

This small square is made in black and white, looks simple and generous, casually put on a T-shirt or shirt is beautiful, can also be used as a white shirt when working, both temperament and elegance, will make People seem to have a clean and simple feeling, and the impression is full of points!


3, long narrow streamers with small scarf

This silk scarf is versatile, does not pick the skin color, comes with a retro taste, gentle and refined temperament! This stylish streamer is an indispensable silk scarf for fashion women. The color is full and full of temperament, just put a knot on the chest, walk the road to be elegant and temperament, become a delicate little woman must first have such a temperament scarf!


4, Shu Shangjia summer silk small square

The fabric made of high quality silk scarves is smooth and even, with clear texture, full and smooth! This small square has a variety of colors and can be used as a towel. It can also be used as a hair band. It can also be used as a bib. It is best for a little fairy who loves to be lazy. With such a square scarf, you don't have to worry about matching.


5, simple elements retro small square

This retro small square is particularly temperament, making people look elegant and elegant, casually with denim or a shirt, or a windbreaker, the effect is great! A square scarf that doesn't pick a face with a complexion. If the weather is hot, you can also put it down and put it in a small bag. It is very convenient!


6, literary shawl neck decoration sunscreen large square towel

A large square scarf that a goddess can have. It can be used as a shawl. The fabric is very smooth and comfortable, breathable, clean and tidy. Walking on the road, the square head with a very high rate of returning, people can't help but want to see more, as if it is a rare cool in the world!


7, black retro small square

Korean retro pattern, elegant and charming, fresh patterns can be used to match a variety of styles, multi-color options to meet your various needs, everyday wear, looks stylish and exquisite!


8, wild silk scarf

Silk chiffon, noble atmosphere, two-color splicing fashion, wearing the upper body, showing your elegant posture fascinated by thousands of people. Silk material, cool and maintains a good warmth, ideal for everyday trips or a variety of party combinations!


9, sunscreen shawl decoration art thin section

The silk scarf is very thin and light, the translucent gauze looks very dreamy and temperament, and the pale yellow color looks very eye-catching! This kind of square towel shows your faint and elegant temperament, which makes you look very conspicuous among everyone!


10, silk black square scarf

This black silk scarf is very soft and smooth with a pearly luster. This silk scarf is the most feminine one in the silk scarf, and the domineering side leakage silk scarf makes you very queen temperament!

Do you like the little fairy who passed by, do you like the ten kinds of silk scarves shared above? You are only one scar with beauty!