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The Variety of Magic Turban

Apr 10, 2020

The headscarf is the most commonly used equipment in outdoor activities. This outdoor headscarf uses special high-performance polyester microfibers, which are windproof, breathable, sweat-absorbent, quick-drying and soft. No seam treatment, no seams, and seams, so it is also called "seamless headscarf". This headscarf is more elastic and more comfortable. A small piece of fabric, after magically binding, produces a variety of different effects, so it is also known as a "magic headscarf". It is a must-have for many activities such as hiking, cycling, and other activities!

Because it is simple, so wonderful. The so-called magic headscarf-wearing method, the soul is three words: more-merit-ability! Different binding methods can transform different effects and can be used as headscarves, scarves, headbands, sand hoods, round hats, hoods, and wrist guards.

1. Headscarf: The most primitive usage is to put it on the head, and the knot can be tied down on the back.

2. Wrap a headscarf: You can wrap your hair like an Islamic woman and feel mysterious.

3. Melon skin hat: Turn over the headscarf, put it on the ears and the eyebrows, straighten the extra part, rotate it a few times, open it, and wrap it on the head.

4. Headband: Fold the headscarf into double layers, put it on the head, and pull the hair out to use it as a headband. The width can also be adjusted.

5. Head Rope: Use a headscarf to tie the hair circle by circle, just like a ponytail.

6. Pirate hat: Folding and flipping out, it seems that after some complicated operations, you will be as handsome as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

7. Windshield: Use a headscarf to wrap up from the head to the face and expose only one eye. It is breathable and windproof. It is effective in deserts, windy days or snowfields.

8. Helmet: When riding or climbing, the feeling of sweating while wearing a helmet is not good. Tied the headscarf to the head and lined it.

9. Blindfold: When resting, wrap the headscarf around the eyes and it becomes a temporary blindfold.

10. Bib: Put it on your neck and you are done. It looks cool and keeps warm.

11. Mask: On the basis of the bib, just pull the headscarf under the eyes, the ears are also wrapped, and it is still warm.

12. Wristband: Wrap it around your wrist three or two times. The headscarf now acts as a cushion to protect your wrist.

13. Wipe sweat: when sweating, wipe the headscarf as a towel temporarily, and all the sweat will be sucked away.

14. Wristband: Attention to handsome guys who like to dress up personally is a great way to attract attention. Wrap the headscarf that represents your own personality on your arm, which has a full sense of style and does not affect sports.

15. Tube top: This is needless to say, MM with a good figure can wear it as a vest, full of elasticity and bright patterns, absolutely sexy.

16. Waist support: It is also a good emergency method to use a headscarf to keep warm on the waist, and you can also stuff socks, paper towels, and other fillers according to the degree of warmth. This method is also applicable to other joints that are vulnerable to cold.

17. Gloves: Pull down the turban on the wrist and wrap it around the palm of your hand. After covering your hand, you can use it like a glove.

18. Packing bag: Tie a headband into a knot, and it becomes a good cloth pocket, and this pocket can stretch freely, so you can stuff things inside. Tuck clothes inside, tie the other end and use it as a pillow.