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The silk scarf comes from the fashion transformation of a piece of cloth

May 07, 2020

Although the silk scarf is just as simple as a piece of cloth, if it is matched with the innate wisdom of women for beauty, then this simple cloth will magically be on the woman's body, head, neck, waist, Even a variety of beautiful scenes on the bag. For hundreds of years, women ’s use of silk scarves has changed constantly. The large hat ornaments at the time were the most common ornaments for women, but even if the hat was changed anyway, it was not a new idea. The appearance of silk scarves can be said to play the infinite imagination of women for beauty. Wrap the thin ribbon on the head, or directly use the silk scarf as the headscarf, which became another fashion at that time.

With the change of silk scarves and the increase of people's needs, it has been given more content by people. Of course, it takes a lot of skill to make a simple silk scarf look good on yourself. Since the use of silk woven scarves, it has accompanied the emergence of techniques such as folding and knotting of scarves. Even if you wear the same silk scarf every day, as long as you master different folding and knotting methods, then This silk scarf will show you different styles.

In fact, in addition to wearing and folding, the most important thing that can make this simple cloth more colorful is the change of silk scarves. Since the 1930s, silk scarves have been very bold in the use of color and design. Some well-known designers and brands have also attached great importance to the development of silk scarves and become indispensable accessories in major brands.

Today, after 100 years of development, the functionality of silk scarves is no longer simple. From clothing, scarves, scarves, and shawls, to belts, scarves, hair bands, and even used as watch straps, tied to handbags as ornaments, or as pure art decoration, people never hide their favorite.