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The lithe knot of a scarf

Apr 20, 2018

Scarf Type: cotton wool scarf, the quality can be. With clothing: sweater, turtleneck sweater can be accompanied by a single color scarf, simple, outside wearing a coat is also more appropriate; If you go with a sweater coat or a low neckline sweater, you can choose two colors of scarf to mix together.

But the premise is that the color of the sweater itself is relatively dark, otherwise, it will become a Christmas tree.

Suitable environment: anywhere outside.

Color: In fact, the play is almost unchanged, the only ever-changing, that is, constantly updated with the clothing scarf, color of the world, is really wonderful.


1. Circle the scarf around the neck;

2. Cross the back of the neck, then, then in front of each other interspersed. The biggest advantage: because belong to thick scarf class of the most basic play, so it is particularly easy to learn. And, for those "Lazybones", save time and effort!